My brother in law’s and several of my friends have been diagnosed with autism, some more severe than others. 

Autism is not seen as just black and white, there’s a spectrum with some individuals more severe than others. Some may be smarter, timid whilst others more agitated and have difficulty understanding concepts other may find simple. Living with autism can be frustrating, as they’re often not understood or not wanted to be heard or aknowledged.

Autism is a complex condition, Gerald Gasson described it in 1963 as a “puzzling” condition and thus the board (formerly The Society for Autistic Children) adopted the puzzle piece as their logo because it did not look like any other logo used for charitable or commercial use ( The colours within what’s known as the autism ribbon represent the diversity of individuals and families living with autism and the brightness symbolising hope. That one day via awareness they will be treated fairly and their condition understood.

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