As a business we make conscious  decisions in regards to what products we offer, how we offer them and how we get our products to you "The Herd".

Early on I made the decision to move towards being earth friendly. We still haven't achieved our full goal but we are almost there, as the transition can be quite expensive.

Let's break it down further 

What have we done so far?

  • All our bath bombs and snap bar melts are packaged in biodegradable cellophane bags.
  • Our stand up pouches can now be recycled via the TerraCycle program. You can collect your pouches and take them to a participating TerraCycle partner like selected Woolies and Coles.
  • Our shot pot melts are packaged in PLA commercially compostable plastic pots.
  • The bottles we use for our shower gel and room sprays etc can be recycled
  • We ship our orders in boxes rather than poly mailers and use shredded paper or recycled packing peanuts that we receive in orders from our suppliers. If you happen to receive your candle wrapped in bubble wrap it's bubble wrap we have received our supplies with and we have recycled it to protect your items rather than throwing it out.
  • No more packing slips. We use a packing app so that we don't have to print several packing slips a day and cut down precious trees.
  • We have moved to QR coding so that we can phase out business cards.

We have made the process of distinguishing what to do with the packaging easier by adding symbols on our labels where we can to let you know what to do with it. Eg. Recyclable via TerraCycle, Biodegradable, Compostable or Recycle.


What do we still need to do?

  • We still need to transition our packaging tape to a biodegradable/compostable or recyclable version.
  • Provide refill options for room sprays, shower gels etc so that the lids and triggers sprays can stay out of landfill for as long as possible as well as reducing the amount going to landfill.