Hi Herd,

We’re changing up the way we are restocking temporarily to manage the influx of orders and to manage stress.

A few weeks ago I revealed on Instagram stories that we will be suspending restock night just for a little while (They’re too fun to get rid of completely). This is to alleviate the pressure, stress and anxiety of making it by a dead line and also to minimise disappointment if we have to cut our collection down. 

So what will be happening?

We will be releasing products more frequently. So as they’re made, packaged and listings are made they will be uploaded to our website. You won’t miss out, we will be posting them also on Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok so you know when to shop. We also recommend subscribing to out of stock alerts on our website to be emailed as soon as the product becomes available for purchase.

Isn't that going to cost me more in shipping?

Possibly, however. We are offering you the option to hold your orders so that you may add to it at a later date. This is to ensure you definitely do not miss out.

If you place an order and it still has not been sent, and we drop another product you may add the product/s to your outstanding order.

If there is a shipping difference we will refund you the difference.

Remember we also have free shipping when you spend over $70 use it to your advantage.

How can I place my order on hold?

1. Add to cart

2. In the notes write “HOLD”

3. Checkout as usual

*This secures your products and we will hold your order and add all following orders to your Hold order.

How can I add to a hold order?

1. Add to cart 

2. In the notes write “ADD TO HOLD”

3. Checkout as usual

NB: If the orders combined tally to over $70 select “pick up in-store”. Similarly, you may select pick up in-store for all orders and wait for when you’re ready to ship and we can send through a shipping invoice (if under $70 combined).

How do I release my hold order?

A. You may place a final order

     1. Add to cart

     2. In the notes write “ADD TO HOLD AND         RELEASE”

     3. Checkout as usual

B. Email us at

     1. Subject = [Name your order was made with]
     2. Email body = [Hi No Probllama I would like to release my order/s. Thanks]
     3. We will ask any questions and converse via email.

We hope this system works whilst we try to ensure all your favourites stay available.



No Probllama xx