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Aromatic Oils

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Aromatic fragrance oils are the addition to your home you've been looking for. Perfect for use in your ultrasonic diffuser, add a few drops to a face washer and throw into your dryer to give your washing a burst of fragrance, or even add some drops to your mop bucket and subtly fragrance your whole home.


Just add a few drops to 

  • Aroma Diffuser- 1-10 Drops (Depending on size for smaller diffusers 3-5 is satisfactory)
  • Dryer Sheet- 1-5 Drops (drop onto old fabric or dark coloured face washer)
  • Mop Bucket- 1-10 Drops

Here's a tip! You know when you forget your washing in the washing machine and you have to rewash because it's musky? Add the load to your dryer add a few drops of fragrance oil to a piece of fabric or old face washer and chuck the dryer on. Your washing will come out dry and will smell fab. 
*If your washing has been sitting for a few days, it's probably wise to chuck it on a short cycle.

These are premium concentrated fragrance oils so a little does go a long way.

Available in 10ml bottles for the moment, as a trial. If all goes well we will progress to 15 and 30ml bottles.


 Avoid contact with skin. Do not ingest. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Avoid direct sunlight. Avoid spills on paint, laminated surfaces, and wood.