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Love carpet, but hate how it traps all the odours?

Pets, dirty shoes, oil & grime, spilt drinks, cereals and tomato sauce over the years?

We have a solution!

Try our shaking llama.

Made from the simplest of ingredients, a natural deodoriser and fragrance to freshen your home. Due to its simplistic nature, the family don’t need to evacuate the home whilst you clean. 

HOW TO USE: First  vacuum your floors as applying to “dirty” carpet is not very effective. 

Secondly ask everyone to avoid the area, if the area is of high traffic deodorise in sections. 

Thirdly sprinkle shaking llama onto your carpets. For best results sweep 🧹 the carpet so that the products gets into your carpet fibres. 

Now wait approximately 15 mins 🕒 (the longer the better)

Finally, after 15 minutes vacuum your carpets again.

Once done, get down on the ground and roll around like a llama in dirt and enjoy your fresh carpet. 

SIZE MATTERS: 350g in a shaker container

INGREDIENTS: sodium hydrogen carbonate & fragrance oil.

CAUTION: Do not consume or inhale. Keep away from your face. Keep out of reach of children & pets.