Cocospronking - Aroma Beads

Cocospronking - Aroma Beads

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Our aroma beads are the perfect addition to your home, car or office.

They are best suited to fragrance a small area.

Or even place them on a window sill or in the path of a breeze and allow the scent to drift and circulate.

NOTE: These are not intended to fragrance a room. If you are after a room fragrance these are not satisfactory.

Size matters: 30g


  1. Unscrew the lid, be careful not to spill the beads.
  2. Remove the cardboard from under the lid.
  3. Replace the lid and place your diffuser in your ideal spot and enjoy the fragrance.
  4. Shake your beads periodically to release and refresh the fragrance.


  • Keep out of the reach of children and pet.  
  • Never place the beads on or near an open flame.   
  • Never place the beads on top of a hot surface.
  • Don't use the beads in a wax warmer or burner.  
  • Do not ingest, if ingestion occurs contact the poisons hotline immediately.