No Probllama Travel Mug - Lilac (FACTORY SECOND)
No Probllama

No Probllama Travel Mug - Lilac (FACTORY SECOND)

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Please see images for full detail

1. Graphic is missing ears 😂

2. Has slight heat and pressure marks

Does not affect the use of the mug. Still llamazing!!


Are you a No Probllama Addict? We now have travel mugs for our die hard fans

Take your skinny caramel latte, hot chocolate or chai latte on the go in llama style in this travel mug by No Probllama.

Double wall insulated to keep your drink hot or cold.

Size: 450ml because 350ml is never enough

Composition: Polymer

Avoid adding to the billions of disposable coffee cups that are thrown away every year.